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Installing a Biodisc

The site

4 bedroomed detached property in Worcester

The problem

Our customers had an old septic tank that was inefficient. The soakaway was situated next to a watercourse and when the water table rose in the wetter months the lawn became very boggy and wet.

The solution

The solution was a Klargester Biodisc Model BA sewage treatment plant capable of treating domestic sewage and producing a final effluent clean enough to go directly into a watercourse with Environment Agency consent or into a soakaway.

Great care was taken when carrying out these works. There was a lot of machinery and equipment on site. We also had to bear in mind that we were working in the client’s garden, so we used ground guards wherever possible. Our images below show that the works site was kept as neat as possible and the final images show how the area was left landscaped.